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Timber roof trusses

Timber trussed rafters for UK housebuilders.

For more than 35 years, we’ve supplied timber roof trusses to some of the UK’s best-known national and regional housebuilders. Our specialist truss team works closely with architects, engineers and surveyors to provide technical solutions, and to design, manufacture and deliver trusses to your specifications.

Product features and specifications

Quality as standard

Our trussed rafters are produced to CE mark requirements and manufactured to meet ISO 9001 quality assurance.

Affordable solution

Timber roof trusses can use significantly less timber than traditional roofs, making them more cost effective.

Installation service

On larger projects, we also offer an installation service, using a team of highly skilled experienced carpenters.

Design options

  • Manufactured offsite in factory controlled conditions, roof trusses offer great versatility. A variety of truss configurations allow for many applications, including room-in-roof (attic) trusses, raised ceiling trusses and scissor trusses.
  • Trusses can be manufactured in a wide range of timber sections, with larger sections allowing for big spans which are particularly well-suited for commercial applications.
  • What’s more, large and complex roofscapes can be realised without the need for steel beams in the roof structure.
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