Our History

Back in 1960, David Smith started his joinery business from a large shed adjacent to his house. We’ve come a long way since then…
In the early days, our business served the joinery needs of local shops, housebuilders, farmers and farming engineers. Always looking for opportunities to expand, David started supplying barn doors for Atcost Farm Buildings, travelling all over the UK installing the doors on agricultural barns.

Early growth

Through the 60s, the business continued to grow, and by 1967, was in desperate need of new premises. David bought some land on the new St Ives Industrial Estate and built a factory there. Such was the need to move into the new building, David and his team started work at the new factory before the local council had completed the access road — a tractor had to pull lorries in and out of the site until the road was ready!

Expanding into new markets

In the 70s, the business entered new markets, manufacturing joinery products for everything from green houses to railway stations. The factory continued to expand and by the end of the decade, was three times the size. Part of this expansion included a new saw mill, which David used to manufacture pallets and other items.

New premises

Roof truss production began in the 1980s, which meant further buildings had to be acquired on the industrial estate. Our forklift trucks became a common sight, zipping along the road transporting timber between buildings. By 1989, this was really hampering efficient production and the decision was made to find a new site. The Marley Road factory — where we are still based today — was completed in 1993. This finally brought all manufacturing into a single 100,000 sq ft unit.

Investment in the future

David’s son Michael took over as managing director in 1993, with the business concentrating on a core set of products: doors, stairs, floor joists and roof trusses.

Since then, investment in personnel and machinery — such as the latest CNC technology and modern production techniques — has allowed the business to flourish and take on both large commercial projects and bespoke ‘Grand Designs’- style projects, with equal levels of service.

We’re very proud of the skillset we have in-house, which is thanks to the loyalty and dedication of our 150-strong team, many of whom have been with the company for more than 40 years.

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