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Oak staircases

Beautiful, sustainable timber suited to all types of stairs.

A solid oak staircase adds a touch of luxury to any home.

Whether you’re refurbishing an Edwardian townhouse, updating a 1950s semi or building a 21st century eco-home, we can work with you to design and manufacture the oak staircase you’re looking for.

Find out how to customise your stairs with our range of balustrade options.

Product features and specifications

Beauty and durability

Highlighting the natural grain of this versatile timber, a solid oak staircase is both beautiful and strong, adding a touch of grandeur to any home.

Traditional to contemporary

A timeless classic, an oak staircase can be teamed with metal or glass for a contemporary finish through to ornately turned spindles for a traditional look.

Bespoke designs

Whatever style of oak staircase you’re looking for, our team of skilled designers will work with you to create the perfect fit.

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